In Norway, a patent application can be filed as a national application or via the PCT filing system. A national application may claim priority from a foreign or domestic application. If the PCT route is used, the national phase must be initiated within 31 months from the earliest priority date.

It is recommended to appoint local representation, and the application must be translated into Norwegian (conf. Translating/drafting the application).

The duration of a Norwegian patent is 20 years from the filing date if all annuities are timely paid.

The Norwegian patentability requirements are novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability and resemble those of the European Patent Office.

On January 1, 2008, Norway acceded to the European Patent Convention. Oslo Patentkontor AS would therefore be happy to assist you in validating European patents in Norway, provided that the effective filing date of the European patent application (i.e. the international filing date in the case of Euro-PCT applications) is January 1, 2008 or later, and that Norway was designated in the application.

Click here for FAQ's in connection with the validation of European patents in Norway.