Marketing law 

In addition to the protection that you obtain from patents, trademark registrations or design registrations, several other instances of counterfeiting can, under certain conditions, be stopped with reference to the regulations of the Norwegian Marketing Controls Act. 

In business activity, no actions can be taken that are contrary to good business practice among businesses or that in other ways are contrary to good marketing practice. In other words, the Norwegian Marketing Controls Act prohibits unfair competition and protects against the usage of imitated marks, products etc. in a way that is regarded as unfair exploitation of someone else’s effort. Such use will lead to danger of confusion but is not necessarily covered by the general rules of patents, designs, trademarks or copyright.

In cases of unlawful use according to the Norwegian Marketing Controls Act, we will conduct your case against the offender and if necessary bring the case before the Council Dealing with Unfair Marketing Practices or the courts.

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