In accordance with the Norwegian Copyright Act, intellectual works can be publications of all kinds, lectures, compositions for the stage, choreography, composition of music with or without lyrics, creations of film and photography, paintings, drawings and other pictorial art, sculptures, architectural art, tapestry and items of handicraft, maps, graphic representation of scientific or technical character or translations or adaptations of the aforementioned works and of computer programs.

A person who has an exclusive right according to the Norwegian Copyright Act, holds an exclusive right of use to create copies of his or her work and by making it accessible to the public. This applies to both the original work and its altered form, translated or adapted, in other literature or art or in other techniques. However, the reach of this exclusive right depends on the originality and creativeness of the work. If the new work is based on previously known intellectual works or elements of these, the creator of the new work, as a rule, only receives the exclusive right to the innovative part of the work. Exclusive rights will also apply to the performance of the works of others.

In Norway, the exclusive right to an intellectual work arises when the work is made accessible to the public and lasts as long as the creator is alive and 70 years beyond his death. For works that several people have created together, the protection is in force for 70 years beyond the death of the longest-living creator.

There are a number of important exceptions from the exclusive right of an intellectual work according to the Norwegian Copyright Act. The most important ones are the rights to presentation for private use and for use in education and the right to quote from intellectual works. However, there are some restrictions to presentation for private use, e.g. it is not allowed to present machine readable copies of computer programs or of databases.

The Norwegian Copyright Act covers several types of works and it has a number of special rules for some of these. The law contains, among other things, special rules for the use of intellectual works in health institutions, for adaptation to the disabled, in broadcasting, in agreements regarding the making of films, in publishing contracts regarding publications of books and in agreements regarding the presentation of works, as well as separate rules for computer programs and databases. The exclusive right according to the Norwegian Copyright Act, is also a supplement to the protection found in other statutory provisions. As an example, a product of handicraft can be protected by both the design law and the law of intellectual works.

We assess the existing exclusive rights in accordance with the Norwegian Copyright Act and other statutory provisions. We will also be able to represent you in court in cases related to exploitation of intellectual works and copyright in general.

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