Our services

Our core business areas are all services related to patents, trademarks and designs. We welcome assignments throughout the entire innovation process. We can, inter alia, contribute with searches to map potentially interfering rights & freedom to operate analysis, the drafting and filing of applications, necessary agreements and representation and litigation should there be a conflict.

An IP portfolio should only consist of the rights which contribute to your business strategy. Accordingly, we advise you on suitable protection strategies, and we can provide you with a systematic overview of your portfolio and corresponding budgeting needs to ensure that you only keep the relevant rights in force.

We can also assist you in enforcement issues. In addition to representing you in protests, infringement cases and other law suits, we can provide you with expert knowledge and experience regarding counterfeit goods and border control, as well as systematic surveillance of your competitors’ activities.

Through the interactive forms for patent, trademark and design, we will guide you through the Norwegian process for filing an application and the possible events after grant or registration.

A product that is not protected by a patent, design or trademark registration might be protected in other ways in Norway, mainly by laws regarding copyright and marketing. Other forms of protection of interest are domain and business names. There is also a separate law regarding plant breeding.